SGBN aims to be green building consultant one - stop service. We provide comprehensive services for both new and existing building.
Green Building Feasibility can provide accurate budget for green building certification based on aimed certification awards. SGBN will gather not only budget credit-by-credit by also the specific technical strategies to earn valuable scores. This allows owners to truly understand the green building certification process and effectively determine the project direction toward cost effectiveness, proper timeline control, and performance goals.

During pursuing green building certification, project administration must be well-established. With our expertise, SGBN will work closely with the working team by providing accurate guidance along the project timeline. For new and renovated projects, we will make sure that all final design documents are reviewed and all the tender packages address all necessary green building requirements. This will prevent the blind overcharging fee from the contractors. For existing building projects, we will align all plan and policy with the current building operation. With vast green building experience, we can provide all required example, technical data, material data based to the working team. This will definitely enhance the working performances and significantly save valuable time and resources. During the certification period, we will represent the owners to contact with certified bodies for any inquiries or document submittal.
Green Building certification required extensive studies using simulation, calculation, and technical reports. At SGBN, we have experts who can perform any technical requirements such as energy simulation, lighting simulation, storm water run-off simulation, water consumption calculation, irrigation simulation, etc. Although these simulations are complicated and sometimes become failure if opposing tough reviewers, SGBN can perform these tasks with confidence. We gains experiences for our past certified projects with different reviewers who provides us the insight key reviewing items. For existing buildings, technical support might be different from the new building. SGBN is familiar with documents under existing building rating system. We can utilize energy star portfolio, conduct transportation survey, conduct comfort survey, etc.
Commissioning is not only required by green building certification but also guarantee the energy performance of any green building lifespan. Nowadays, green building required comprehensive commissioning process which requires expertise. SGBN and partners commissioned large number of certified green projects. We can provide comprehensive commissioning both fundamental and enhanced commissioning package. SGBN and partners can also conduct intensive program such as Measurement and Verification Plan which allows owner to verify energy saving performances. For existing building, we provide audit services which are necessary for existing green building and also upgrade energy performance. Such services include ASHRAE walk through level I and II.